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Road trip! Fill your glovebox with these beauties and hit the highway!
Our 42nd seasonal release for Spring is the “Mile Marker” Edition, which celebrates the span and history of America’s Dwight D. Eisenhower System of Interstate and Defense Highways.
The bright, beefy covers are made from Westrock Tango 12pt C1S and covered with Pantone Toyo inks as specified by the awesome US DOTManual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices.They’ve also been stamped withholographicCrownFoilso they’re easy to spot in the beams of your headlights. They’re bound withblack and white staples, withinnards featuring a“Horizon Mist Gray” Dot-Graph patternon 60#T Domtar Lynx.They’re perfectfor laying out routes, recording mileage, and noting the various roadside attractions and oddities you’ve spotted along the way.
With a bold, simple iconic design, this3-Pack ofMemo Booksgets right to the heart of Field Notes. Practical American design with a sense of history and familiarity is what we’re all about. “Mile Marker” is a limited edition and when they’re gone, they’re gone forever. But we didn’t put the brakes on there. Of course we didn’t.
The companion to “Mile Marker” is an old-school gas-station-style, difficult-to-refold-properly,Field Notes National Highway Map. Be sure toadd the mapto your shopping cart when you order your “Mile Marker” 3-Packs, because no glove compartment should be without one.
The map unfolds to 36" x 24.5" and features a large, colorful diagram of the continental Interstate System, designed exclusively for Field Notes byMr. Cameron Booth of Portland, Oregon. It’s a beautiful and thoughtful data design solution.
The reverse side of the mapis completely jammed with useful, sorta useful, and some fun-but-not-at-all-useful information. While it might not replace a GPS system for wayfinding, it isguaranteed to educate and/or confuse you during your next big road trip.


01.Proudly printed by the good people of eDOC Communications, Mount Prospect, Ill.

02.Cover: WestRock Tango C1S 12pt “White,” with a thick, brute force application of Pantone soy-based Toyo inks specified by the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices, stamped with Crown foil by Nu Wave Die Cutting & Finishing, Chicago, Ill.

03.Innards: Domtar Lynx Opaque Smooth 60#T “White,” with a fine, 1-color application of “Horizon Mist Gray” soy-based Saphira ink.

04.Cover and innards printed on a Heidelberg Speedmaster XL 105 40" 6-color press.

05.Bound with a Heidelberg Stitchmaster ST 270 5-pocket saddle stitcher with cover feeder/scorer & Rima RS 10S in-line stacker, with appreciation to Samuel Slocum, George W. McGill, and William J. Brown, the “Founding Fathers