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Necklace length: 20"; Pendant height: .75"

This semi-precious labradorite pendant necklace is part of the Talisman Alchemy collection (mid, level two length), silver-plated and worn with a 20" silver-plated brass, figure 8 style chain. Completed with a lobster claw clasp and chain end. Stone slightly under 3/4 inch. Necklaces within the Talisman Alchemy section are designed to be easily layered with a second and third piece for a completed look that is both beautifully unique and magical. 

Labradorite is celebrated as the stone of awakening, letting the mystical and magical powers within you come forth and expand. With properties that stimulate overall consciousness and strength, Labradorite is the perfect addition to any wearers collection to boost the attributes of other alchemic items. The color of this stone changes and shifts as light is reflected, making it beautiful for any occasion.

Talisman (from the Greek work 'teleo', meaning to accomplish or bring into affect) Alchemy is the utilization of stones, crystals, or icons to bring various forms of healing and protection to the wearer. Whether wearing for its natural, magical properties or just for its fun design, it is a perfect piece for the witchy or muggle human in your life.
Designed with love by Dani Awesome in Des Moines, IA. See more of her work HERE.