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This mudra pendant is part of the Talisman Alchemy collection (long, level three length), is silver-plated solid brass and worn with a 34" silver-plated chain; no finishing clasp. Icon measures 1.5 inches. Necklaces within the Talisman Alchemy section are designed to be easily layered with other options, too, creating a completed look that is both beautifully unique and magical. The longer length of this necklace makes it a perfect option to stack two shorter necklaces above it. See more stackable healing and protection options in 17 - 17.5" lengths (base, level one length) and 20" lengths (mid, level two length).

Mudras, or 'symbolic hand gestures', were adopted from Hindu and Buddhist ceremonies, traditions and teachings, and they are now widely used in Western meditation and yoga. This specific mudra is called 'gyan', and it is the most familiar and common in mainstream society; often even used without realizing its full meaning or potential. The intention of the gyan mudra is multilayered - honing concentration and memory skills, enlightening the mind and spirit, and creating clarity and insight in heavy focus on one topic or issue. Aesthetically speaking, the relaxed pose and the subtle lines of this talisman make it easy to bring the Gyan into your life.

Talisman (from the Greek work 'teleo', meaning to accomplish or bring into affect) Alchemy is the utilization of stones, crystals, or icons to bring various forms of healing and protection to the wearer. Whether wearing for its natural, magical properties or just for its fun design, it is the perfect option for the witchy or muggle human in your life.

Designed with love by Dani Awesome in Des Moines, IA. See more of her work HERE.