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Stand together!

Beautiful exclusive 11x14" cardstock print of Anna Frederick's hand-drawn design for the Women's March January 20, 2018 anniversary march. Available in black and white and in color.

$5 from the sale of each print goes directly to Planned Parenthood of Iowa to aid in their women's health efforts. In many parts of the state (and the country), Planned Parenthood's the only women's health services provider nearby. Just this week, the State's Family Planning Program admitted it would be difficult for anyone to access care using their list of providers - many of whom are erroneously on the list, or are out-of-state labs that don't provide patient services at all.

Reserve yours now for pickup at Domestica tomorrow AM starting at 10AM. The March starts at noon at the Iowa state capitol three blocks away.

Shipping available, too! Priority mail.

All rights reserved by Anna Frederick. Please check out her amazing lettering work on Instagram @xheart